What is Logit?

Logit is a proven, user-friendly software suite that enables sports organizations, personal trainers, medical professionals, and military unit supervisors to monitor wellness and health risks of their athletes, clients, patients, and soldiers in near real-time.

What does the system look like?

If you are interested in the full functionality of the system and what it can do, please feel free to book a demo by contacting us.

What information do you collect?

Logit collects well-being information details such as; stress, irritation, sleep, nutrition, hydration, fatigue, etc., as well as training load and wearable device data.

How easy is it to use?

2 minutes a day is all that’s required from the end user (athlete, soldier, patient, or client). Supervisors get prompted when our system picks up potential issues using our revolutionary forecasting algorithms.

What is the research behind this system?

Our systems have been built on decades worth of validated research and literature. You are more than welcome to explore some of the literature used in our system by going to our research page.

How does compliance work?

End users are asked to take 1-2 minutes to log daily. Compliance is calculated by seeing how frequently a user logs during a selected time frame in the system.

Is the app available in other languages?

Logit is currently available in English and French.

Do you do discounts?

Bulk price discounts are available for organizations with 50+ Users. You can inquire about these prices by emailing hello@rightbluelabs.com.