The fundamentals of our technology are grounded in academic research. Here’s some further information on those papers.

Overtraining and Overreaching: Causes, Effects, & Prevention

Monitoring Overtraining in Athletes: Recommendations

Recovery of Competitive Swimmers from Intense Training: A Full Report

Preventing overtraining in athletes in high-intensity sports and stress/recovery monitoring

Monitoring the athlete training response: subjective self-reported measures trump commonly used objective measures: a systematic review

Enhancing Recovery: Preventing Underperformance in Athletes

Athlete Burnout: Is the Type of Sport a Factor?

Monitoring Training Load, Recovery, Overtraining and Upper respiratory Infection in Taekwondo

Identifying mediators of training effects on performance-related psychobiosocial states

Influence of fatigue, stress, muscle soreness and sleep on perceived exertion during submaximal effort

Impact of Sport Context and Support on the Use of a Self-Report Measure for Athlete Monitoring