"Logit has improved athlete preparation, communication and tracking and is an essential tool in preparing our teams for success."

"To improve or maintain an appropriate level of physical performance is critical, the ability to monitor and track those things that will affect a change is required.Logit is the perfect tool to effectively do just that, enabling the practitioner to work along with the athlete in critical areas to ensure positive outcomes & experiences."

“We have had nothing but a positive experience with Logit. It has been the best system we have tried to date for monitoring our members' wellness... It's simplicity, ease of use for both the coach and user, visual data display, and most importantly customer service is what made us add Logit to the foundation of our training systems."

Dean Boles
Former Provincial Coach Swim Ontario

"I've seen the power of what Logit can do first hand with my athletes. It is absolutely revolutionary."

"It's a common phrase in sport that it never gets easier, you only get better. Logit makes it easier."

"On my end as the coach, Logit provides warnings which allow us to adapt our training programs to help the athletes better manage their stress levels."

“Logit will assist both the athletes and coaches by ensuring proper training is completed, monitored, and red flags are addressed right away.”

“Logit has greatly strengthened a fundamental component of our running coach service - communication with our athletes."