Women want to have great and full looking breasts. This is not only a way to appear more attractive, but a way to feel more like a woman. Breasts are part of being a woman. They make women feel sexy and feminine. Women born with a smaller chest size want to feel the same way. There are ways to increase breast size and it does not have to take long, but just remember to not jump into anything without first being sure it is the right way for you.


Pectoral Exercises

One of the best ways to increase breast size and make your breasts firmer and fuller is to engage in a number of exercises that are geared towards strengthening the pectoral muscles. When these muscles are toned, it makes the breast tissue on top of the muscle more toned and makes the breasts perkier.

Do a combination of 4 to 6 pectoral exercises 3 to 4 times a week. Some of these include push-ups, dips, chair push-ups, elevated push-ups, chair lifts, bench presses, and dumbbell flys.


Any woman that wants to have a more flattering chest should take up yoga. These exercises work to stretch and tone the core muscles of the body. They make muscles leaner, and stomachs and arms look smaller. This will make firm breasts appear larger.

Triactol Bust Serum

This is one of the more popular brands of creams for increasing the size of a woman’s breast. It has gone through 10 clinical tests, and so far, no negative side effects have been reported. It claims to be 100 percent natural, and that it has a 94 percent success rate. This product is also a little on the expensive side.

Breast Actives

This product comes with a pill and cream. The reviews for it are some of the best for any breast enhancement product. It is mostly all natural. There are a couple of ingredients such as retinol-A that are commonly used for anti-aging purposes.

This product requires taking two dosages a day. Results start to be noticeable in as little as three to four weeks. Full results typically take up to three months.


This is a cream product that uses high-quality and 100 percent natural ingredients. The ingredients are ones that have been widely known to stimulate breast growth such as: sabal, dong quai, blessed thistle, wild Mexican yam, and dandelion root. The wild Mexican yam is listed as the primary ingredient.

A study was conducted using this product on 178 women. There was a common growth of three inches within a nine month time span.

The recommended dosage is to apply twice a day to increase breast size. The most effective is to apply right when exiting the shower. This is because at this time your pores will be more open for easier absorption.

Zoft Gu#m

Believe it or not this product is really mint gum. The idea was to keep women from forgetting to take it. It also slowly releases the ingredients throughout the body over the course of the day through the capillaries in the mouth. This provides an absorption rate of over 90 percent.

Most women start to see an increase in breast size within four weeks. Full results are seen within five months, but it is recommended to continue to chew the gum regularly at least for six months.

Perfect Woman

This breast enhancement product is available in a cream only. It is applied directly to the area where it is needed instead of being absorbed first into the digestive system. This product is mostly natural. Results are seen within the first couple of weeks, but the maximum results can take up to nine months. It is also recommended to continue to use the cream – ideally at least one month per year after full results.


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