Getting a new Android phone is just like opening up a present at Christmas time. The new owner’s face always lights up with that same excitement a child has when she receives her favorite toy. The Android phone is a toy in a sense. What is a toy but some type of plastic, wood or electronic device that one can “play” with? The Android phone fits the description perfectly. It is a piece of electronic equipment that one can actually entertain herself with for quite some time. I know I sure did.

If you just purchased or received an Android cell phone and you do not quite know what to do with it, here are a few suggestions on some entertaining things you can do with your new “toyd”:

Prank Call People With Strange Voices

If you are the type that likes to play goofy jokes on other people, there is a great app called Voice Changer that will allow you to do such. Voice Changer is free and can be downloaded directly from the Android Market. With this nifty little application you can call various friends and family members and use a chipmunk voice and other strange voices on them. The application even has a voice that sounds like the one from all the “Scream” movies. If you are really bored, you can grab another phone and call yourself from the Droid, using the Voice Changer application. Answer the call with one phone and ask yourself “Do you like scary movies, {insert your name here}?” in the scream voice with the other phone.

Talk Your Texts

The first time you use this feature will be very engaging. You no longer have to type text messages when you have an Android phone. You can simply talk to the phone and it will type up your text message for you. What’s that you say? That does not sound very entertaining? Well, it really is entertaining because half the time the Droid does not translate your voice properly. The entertainment is in watching your phone make typos and mistakes. For example instead of your phone typing “Meet me at the corner store” it might type “Weenies on the stolen boar.”

Turn Your Droid Into A Flashlight

Turning your droid into a flashlight is pretty neat as is using it as a flashlight. Depending on which model you have you can either use the flashlight feature immediately or download an application called Tiny Flashlight. If you have a phone such as the EVO Shift you can turn on the flashlight by simply touching your pre-installed flashlight application. If you do not already have a flashlight app you can simply download one from the Android Market. It can be quite entertaining to use your phone as a flashlight at night.

Watch Movies And Television Shows On It

If you have never had the pleasure of watching a movie or a television show on a cell phone try it out first with your Droid. The experience is pretty neat as you will be able to hold your phone close to you in your own little private space and enjoy a good flick or show. You might get stuck there for hours.

Blast The Music Player

Try out the FM radio or the music player that came on your phone. Set your Droid up on the table while you do housework, exercise, or randomly dance. The quality and volume on these devices are amazing. You might even enjoy using your phone more than you enjoy using your car radio or house unit.

There are about a thousand things you can do with your Android to entertain yourself. These were just some odd ideas. You will actually be playing with your Droid for months and discovering something new to do with it every day. Have fun!