Achieving a decent search engine keyword ranking in major directories or search engines can be difficult at best and time consuming. As we all know in todays world time is money. Affordable Website Marketing has developed a search engine submission service that will not only save you money but earn you money with targeted traffic and qualified visitors to your website. Many SEM’s or search engine marketers will tell you that they can blast your website to millions of engines or drive millions of visitors to your website while you sleep. These claims are true to a certain extent in that your site will receive millions of “hits” but it’s the quality of these “hits” that counts. Many automated search engine submission software services will actually submit your site to link farms or FFA lists. These sites serve no other purpose than to artificially inflate your link popularity and are actually damaging to quality rankings under the major search indexes.

Proper search engine listing in the relevant engines and directories requires a proper website optimization and manual search engine submission to the major web directories. There are actually less than 100 quality sdearch engines and directories and over 90% of the quality traffic online comes from less than 20 of these. If you are interested in driving quality traffic to your website than let Affordable Web handle your website submission and search engine ranking service. Our staff of experienced and professional search engine marketers will submit your website to all the major engines by hand. Hand submission to these directories insures that the submission guidelines to each engine or directory are followed and your site is not banned for improper submission techniques.

Proper search engine submission includes submitting only completed pages of your website. Pages under construction or undeveloped websites should not be submitted as they will more than likely not be included. Pages should not be submitted more than once in a 30 day time frame and should only be resubmitted if your website is not listed or if there are significant changes to the content. Your website should have something to offer the search engine. Submitting ten domains with the same content is a sure way not to get your site listed in major search engines. A professional search engine submission service like AWP can develop a website submission strategy that will help your website not hurt it.

When you are looking for a website submission service make certain that you ask questions. Take a look at their website and ask for a portfolio of clients. Any professional search engine submission service will be happy to show you the work they have done. Take a look at their results and see how their clients feel about them. If your search engine consultants are not interested in taking the time to contact you personally about your website than you must consider they will never have the time to get your website submission right.

Many search engine submission companies can guarantee top ten placement in Google or Altavista or tell you they kow the search engine secrets. Be careful with these companies. Many times these search engine submission firms will submit your site with obscure or non relevant keywords and show you results that basically mean nothing. Be careful in your selection of a search engine submission service firm. Deal with a professional = whenever possible.

Website submission is an art form and Affordable Website Marketing loves it’s art. We will develop a custom website submission package for your website and maintain your website submission at an affordable price. Use our Free website Analysis form to get a free search engine report and keyword ranking of your site and we’ll inform you of what we can do to help improve your website ranking.

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