What is integrated marketing?

Integrated marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating a consistent and seamless multi-dimensional brand experience for customers. In this type of strategy, the brand needs to promote across various media like television, internet, radio, and print, in a similar style to reinforce the brand’s ultimate message. It combines all aspects of marketing like advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, social media, and public relations. It works upon a complete plan of methods, tactics, activities, and decided channels. Therefore, through integrated marketing, it can be ensured that all communication strategies from the brand to the consumers are consistent across all channels. With the increase in usage of several social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, integrated market is important along with being difficult like never before!

Why is integrated marketing important?

Today, we have the opportunity of sharing all that we want to through social media so as to create immersive experiences on websites and mobile apps alike. Personalization across ads, emails, and websites through re-targeting has also become possible. Using all these benefits, long term continuous online visibility is a must today if you want people to look for your brand, products, and services for longer periods of time. And, this can come by advertising on all media together in the most professional manner.

This does not mean that individual digital channels are no more effective. There are many traditional ad media that still effectively exist today, with television leading the list. However, different channels have different strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, different channels require different types of content. For example, ambitious content works best on Instagram; design related content works best on Pinterest; and short witty messages work best on Twitter. But, instead of focusing on every different individual medium, it is advisable to opt for integrating all channels together because today, customers don’t pay attention to all different messaging you may put up. So, if you don’t use one clear communication strategy for branding, you will go astray. Also, even if your marketing is the best, people are definitely going to forget it in a while. This is the reason you need to constantly advertise and promote. Repetitive reminding creates an impact on the customers’ brain, even if they know that you exist well and good. If you don’t follow this practice, you can be sure that you will fail to make an impact for longer, no matter how many efforts and how much money you may have put in into your advertising and promotion.

How to have an effective integrated marketing strategy?

Having the same slogan, colours and identity across every marketing channel weaves a coherent story. You can integrate television, social media, Google, and every other possible form of viewable media by using the same set of characters differently placed on a similar colour theme, to create one of the most memorable and long-lasting ad campaign. On the other hand, if you are mismatching all the promotions you do on various types of media, remember that you are not going to create any sort of remarkable impact on the viewers’ brain that can be remembered for a long time.

Even big brands make mistakes and find it difficult to effectively integrate marketing in the appropriate manner; thus ending up making a mess. It’s true that integrated marketing is not really easy. In order to successfully integrate your marketing across all channels for a memorable impact, you can seek help from professionals offering specialized SEO services in Bangalore. With complete knowledge they have of the field, such professionals can align your message across all forms of media by understanding what types of content can be used on which media to assure that the right message is aligned.


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