As it is a well known fact that for the purpose of transporting your car, the best method is by shipping. But then shipping is not for free. So if you are thinking how much is it to ship a car? Then I need to tell you that there is no clear cut answer to the question. There are various factors on which the rate depends.

The Shipping Company

The company that you are choosing for shipping your car will have a huge impact on the amount of bucks that you require shelling. Prices of shipping vary from company to company and service to service. So if you want a first class service from a top notch company then you obviously require shelling out more than a company which is not a reputed one and also not very popular for their kind of work. After calculating all the factors like distance, size of car, time of travel and destination port, the company will be able to tell you how much is it to ship a car.

The Car Size

The size of the car is another reason on which the cost depends. If you are having a large sedan or a mini truck then the price will obviously be more. As with the bigger size, it requires much larger area and is also more of weight. Compared to that if you owe a small four seated car, then you will be charged much less. For example charges of shipping between New York and Florida are around $650 – $800 for small sedans and $900 to $1,000 for trucks and SUVs.


Distance travelled is another factor on which the cost of shipping will depend. As for very obvious reasons with increasing distance increases the cost of fuel, labour among other factors. So the more distance your car travels the more you are required to pay. It is very apparent that you will be required to pay more if you want to ship your car from Miami to Hawaii, than it would cost you for shipping your car from Miami to New York. So you can guess how much is it to ship a car by calculating the distance between the two places.


Time of the year that you choose to ship your car will also have an effect on your pocket. If you require shipping during the busy summer months when the companies and the ports are swelling with traffic, then you will need to pay much more. But if you choose to ship your car during the winter months when the business is much slower, then the cost will be relatively easy on the pocket.

For example the cost of shipping a sedan in the summer months is around $750 to $1,000, while the cost during winter months is around $650 to $900. So if you ask the question how much is it to ship a car to a transporter during the winter months, the answer that you will get will be of lesser amount then the answer during the summer months.

Route and Destination Port

The route as well as the destination port is also valid aspect for calculating the amount that you require paying. If it is a popular route and a popular destination port for the company then you will require less paying. This also varies from company to company. There are a few companies which send its ships very frequently to a few ports. So if you choose that transporter then it will save some of your bucks.

Thus by now you already know as to why “how much is it to ship a car” can’t be answered directly as there are many issues involved in it.



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