Sometimes I just want to bang the phone against my desk over and over and over and come back to the line and ask “Just how much pot are you smoking?!”

You know these folks…if not, let me clue you in (actual comments from prospective clients):

> I want to replace my income if I can in the next month or so, but no, I’ve never marketed anything online (yep a dumb-ass for sure! Where is “Red” Foreman when you need him?)
> I want to learn how to build a pretty large business online, but I don’t want to spend any money. Can I do that? (he was a misinformed idiot as well)
> I’ve posted 3 ads with my links, but I don’t have anyone that has signed up to my program. What’s going on? Why isn’t this working? (do I really need to say anything about this?)

I don’t want to forget about the time I was really pushing for some students to write articles about their experiences – “Get it down on paper,” I said with a bit of charm in my voice! One of the students sent me a written, yes written, explanation of why she couldn’t write an article. It was about a thousand words and would have passed most editorial guidelines for most article directories.

So, I have to go back and ask the obvious question which is, “Are you high?”

Few things irritate me more than someone telling me that they cannot do something. It pisses me off. Haven’t you ever read the Henry Ford quote? Here it is if you haven’t…

> If you think you can do a thing and think you can’t do a thing you are right – Henry Ford

Absolutely Mr. Ford!

Where on God’s green earth has the “can do” attitude gone? I mean seriously folks, if this stuff (any worthwhile stuff) was easy then it wouldn’t be all that cool. When everyone does something without putting forth much effort we don’t consider that great in any way, shape or form. Why would we? “Here’s your participation award for lifting the lid on the toilet before you pee!”

Finding success online isn’t easy, it doesn’t come overnight, you may have to spend some money (that mysterious concept is called investing) and you may even fail a time or two.

Getting back up when you fall is called, “getting back up when you fall,” and about 99.99999% of the entrepreneurs of the world have experienced, will experience or are experiencing this. When we fail we don’t quit!

So, when you come to my site, send me an email, join one of my courses and ask for my help, most of the time I’ll be delighted to do what I can do. If you want to know how you can start generating those six figures in the next six weeks, I’m simply going to look at you (thinking you are an idiot, of course) and say, “How much pot are YOU smoking?”


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