If you ever wanted to drive thousands of visitors to your website or offers, then you might want to read all of this post because I am going to show you how I get Thousands of clicks to my CPA offers .


When I first gotten serious with paid advertising for my CPA campaigns, I dove head first in to Facebook. I took the easy route with dating, which was easy 2 years back. My first day I made $10, then $200 the next, then after a couple months I had my first $1000 day! It all kind of held steady from then out, and I was able to scale and expand across different niches.


I hit a roadblock with Facebook when they banned all 5+ of my accounts. It isn’t a huge problem anymore, as I’ve learned the secret to getting more accounts, but Facebook advertising is a near-dead and severely beaten horse. They’re the next Google and systematically getting rid of what affiliates like to advertise from their system. This is why, for now, my main focus is on PPV. For those of you not familiar with PPV traffic, here is a good definition of it from

Why I love PPV traffic?

1. They love affiliates. In fact, I don’t think there even are any brand advertisers using PPV because it is such a controversial traffic source.
2. You can test campaigns with as little at $10-20. Pop-up costs are only 1 – 2 cents starting on most networks, so you’ve got a lot of room for trial and error.
3. It works with any niche. Let’s just say there isn’t a niche I can’t at least get to break even with PPV. You can target by URLs or keywords which makes niche and demographic targeting very, VERY simple.
Let’s not dilly-dally about me anymore, though. Let’s talk about PPV and the top 7 PPV Secrets that will help you make big money on PPV.


1 – Keywords are the new URL Targeting
Every blogger, network, and affiliate marketer I hear says you have to target URLs for easier money. This is completely false. Some of my campaigns are based completely off of all keywords. Most are a mix, and I’m surprised that in most cases, keywords are the simplest and most profitable answer for me.
Don’t be afraid to try targeting both URLs and keywords. You can check out my favorite URL/Keyword scraping tool here.

2 – Demographic Targeting
Another great way to target through PPV is through demographic targeting. It is more difficult than URL/Keyword targeting based on niche, but can be used to greatly scale campaigns. So how can you get a list of sites based of demographics?
The easiest way is to take a site that is already a converted for you and plug it in to Quantcast, Compete or the Google Ad Planner. This will shoot out a list of demographics for that site. You can then run those demographics through their ad planners and find more sites that have the same demographics converting for your offers. That’s the quickest and easiest way you’ll be able to scale through demographic targeting

3 – Use The Full Space Available to You
Pop-ups on most networks are 750 px by 550 px (plus about 25 pixels on all sides for some bleed room). Make sure when you are designing your landing page to use all the space available to you. This will help your ad get more attention, and is much more effective than shrinking it down or using a smaller landing page. I never make any of my landing pages smaller because I always get better results from filling the whole pop-up.

4 – Scroll Bars On the Side
A new and interesting tactic I’ve recently started using is putting fake scroll bars on the side of the landing page, to make it look there is actually more important info below the actual pop-up. This will include some other things on your LP necessary, like objects needed to lead the users eye down to make them scroll, but can be a very effective way to get people to your offer page with a high CTR.

5 – Other Things To Include on Your Landing Pages
Here is a list of other great things to put on your landing pages:
Bright Borders/backgrounds (green, red, and orange work great for me)
A countdown timer to let the user know they need to take action now
Autoplay sound and video (despite popular belief, PPV ad networks will allow this as long as it is relevant to what you are promoting)
Geo-targeting scripts. Ex. Minnesota Users get xxxxxx offer FREE! HotGirlDating.com is now looking for guys from Minnesota. Etc.
Passing the keyword/URL data on to the LP Ex. 1-FREE Month Gameplay for all users of MMORPG.com. Welcome all Facebook.com users!

Try this exclusive offer!

PPV Sources
6 – Scaling Towards other PPV Sources
It is true that most PPV sources don’t have the same demographic of users, however, this shouldn’t scare you from migrating one campaign from one network to another. In most cases, I’ve found that moving 1 campaign from TrafficVance to MediaTraffic or LeadImpact does very well and only needs slight optimization to get it down right.
You can find a list of many other PPV networks in my PPV network list here.
7 – Lead Gens Lead the Pack
The best offers to run generally tend to be lead gens, no matter the niche. They’re a bit harder to convert than email submits, but those die fast. Rebills and CPS are 100% capable of giving you profit, but are the most difficult offers to run if you are just learning PPV. Lead Gens with a 1-page submit and 4-5 forms to fill out max will be your best converters, and can even be run direct linked. If you are looking for easy money, stop worrying about the niche and worry more about how/when the offer converts.
Max Bounty is the best network that has the highest converting affiliate offers I’ve seen.

I suggested to use Leadimpact but that is just my choice of who I like best !

Feel free to use whichever PPV Network that you like they are all capable of sending a flood of visitors to your offers or website.



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