We are always wary and sceptical of people offering free get rich quick schemes and you should be too. There is no such thing. What we are offering requires dedication and commitment. It is not difficult but there is work involved and it is a challenge.
First of all, to the sceptics of the Internet.
If anyone truly believes that the Internet is overhyped, this is not for you. If you believe that the Internet is saturated, this is not for you. If you believe that customers are satiated and sick and tired of Internet rip offs (of which there are many) then this is not for you.
 But, I challenge you to envisage the future. Take a look at Star Trek movies. Any science fiction model – The Matrix as a movie for instance. Every single vision of the future encompasses the Internet in some form or other, most of which do not quite resemble what we have today. Possibly the Internet will be more advanced, more pervasive, more interactive, better personalised, more controlled, more dangerous – who knows?
 But can anyone imagine a future WITHOUT the Internet? That’s a lot more difficult – because we know it is here to stay. What it will look like and how it will act is anybody’s guess.
Now do you seriously want to tell me that by not getting involved NOW, at the very start, you’re doing yourself any favours?
There are those who will learn, get involved (committed) and evolve along with the Internet and there are those that will just use it. It is as simple as that. Those who learn and evolve will sell to those who use it. If you want to make money selling to those who use it, carry on reading and learn how we do it everyday, right here and right now!
For those who are interested in making money. not using the Internet, I am happy to make money out of you! I share how I make money in the real world as well, in other words how I invest the money I make online into real things that in turn earn me money. So in other words, if you earn a salary as I theoretically do, this is what I have done so that my salary starts to work for me so that next month I don’t have to earn as much, and eventually I won’t need a salary at all…
This site examines three areas of making money. I do all of these myself, and whilst you may disagree with me on some of these, I hope to convince you that they all have merit. You have to trust your own gut instincts, so go with those recommendations that feel right for you. There will be plenty of time to challenge your comfort zones later.
The areas that I cover on this site are:
None of these are particularly difficult to grasp, but to practise and implement these strategies requires hard work and dedication. Believe me when I say that there is considerable effort involved, but the joy of winning and getting it right is just a fantastic feeling. And anyone can do it – all you need is the time and requisite dedication.
Frankly if there were no challenge, we wouldn’t be doing it ourselves with some considerable success.
Have you heard of people making tons of money by buying and selling property? Buying and renting property? Starting their own businesses? Internet startups? Do you know anyone personally? How many of these get rich quick schemes do you think actually work?
Aren’t you sick and tired of all these people trying to sell you something dressed up as a fancy way of making THEM money at YOUR expense? Give us your money and then we’ll tell you what to do… OR give us your money and we’ll let you in on the NEXT BIG THING? Bah humbug!
Do what we do! Tell them that if their info is so good you’ll pay for it out of your profits, and not only that you’ll pay them double. Then see how many take you up on that offer of your own. Those that do stick with, because what is your risk?
Your risk should always be zero. 
We’re certainly tired of these charlatans and all this poppycock. Not to mention frustrated. Because we know the value that you have to offer is worth a lot more than you simply handing over your cash to us, often for little or no return…
We’ve been grappling with how to solve this dilemma for some time now, and then in a flash of light, it hit us. Isn’t it amazing that the most obvious ideas are normally the ones that everyone else misses – and that it is the simple ideas that turn into money spinners? (Haven’t you ever wondered how much the guy who invented the zip is worth?)…
A little bit about us so you can understand what we are offering and so that you can make your own mind up as to whether you think we’re full of the same type of bull or not.
At the same time, just in the back of your mind, think about your greatest passion in life, whatever that may be…
And read on…
Tony and William are a pair of chemical engineers who have bucked the Internet trend, so to speak. Neither Tony or William are what you could call employed. Neither of us practise as chemical engineers and whilst Tony has considerably more experience than William (he’s older!), William has never worked for anyone in his life. And has no intention to do so either.
What chemical engineers do is to think. And to think practically. We ignore bumpf and get down to the nitty gritty in short order. And about five years ago Tony started getting down to the nitty gritty of the Internet.
Even today, people are confused and misled about the Internet. True, it is not a money making paradise for all, and it is not a medium that rewards the slow, large and cumbersome. It is the most dynamic medium on Earth, and as a result the most challenging. What we have learned is that it is the actual nitty gritty is what makes the Internet work for some, and fail for many more…
We’ve met, dealt, burnt fingers with most of the hot bags of air on the Internet. BUT, during the process we’ve also uncovered a few that knew a lot more about the nitty gritty than we did. So we duly learned from them and over the years we’ve build up a huge advantage as a result.
In the process of uncovering the nitty gritty of the Internet we’ve learned some interesting facts over the years. For instance, to this day, we do not understand HTML! Even if our lives depended on it! But we do ALL our sites OURSELVES.
We’ve also learned that you need a web designer about as much as you need a hole in the head or a third nostril. We run a mile from anyone offering us design work, unless it’s to our exact and very strict specifications (after which most of them run away screaming).
But have you ever met a rich web designer? If he’s rich, how are his clients doing? Are all their websites making money? If so, send us his details and we’ll pay you R1000 right away.
Want proof that we know what we’re talking about and that 99.9% of web designers do not?
You’re still reading aren’t you?
That should be all the proof you need. Did you care about what this site looked like? Probably not – when you started reading you wanted to see what was in it for you! You are looking for some specific information, highly specific and completely relevant to you!  If you didn’t see it immediately, the chances are you’re not reading this!
Your need for information right here right now is more important than what our site looks like. If we can give you that information quickly and accurately you would continue reading right?
Let’s see about how we think we can work with you to make money. You be the judge, jury and if necessary, executioner. Oh, and did we mention that this won’t cost you a single cent….? Not a dime. Not a penny. Nothing. Our personal pledge to you is that there is no risk to you whatsoever.
All that is needed is an ability to write, clearly, concisely and in English about any topic of your choosing.


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