Advertising has been most of the companies’ way of reaching out to people and their way on promoting their services and products. This makes the company known to people and make it more visible to potential consumers that will be reached by the advertisement made. The advertising industry traditionally uses mass media, newspaper and magazines, radio advertisement, television commercial, and direct mail. But with the continuous improvements that is happening in the industry of advertising, online marketing has been the latest trend in promoting every companies’ services and products. Online marketing is known to cover a large scope of potential customer in the online world. With the use of internet marketing promotions can reach many people and there could be a wide scope for product awareness. This will help every company in increasing their sales.

The Effect of Online Marketing

Internet marketing gave a positive effect on the industry of advertising; with this kind of marketing, companies’ advertisements about a certain product can reach many customers in a short period of time. This kind of marketing doesn’t only focus on advertising a product or any service that a company may have. These are also open in doing business online like having auction advertisements that would get more people interested in items that are on sale like antiques, gadgets, clothing and many more. Online stores use this kind of marketing to make sure that their action would attract more potential customers for their items. These are also used to make their customers look for items in their online stores first before they go to flea markets where they can also find the items that they want. Potential customers are also able to look for the prices that would fit in with their budget in purchasing a certain product.

Online marketing also helps candidates in their electoral process. Most candidates use this kind of strategies during election because they tend to spread their plans and messages to more supporters through internet. These candidates are also able to drive in more donors as a support for their candidacy.

Online marketing is also used in promoting television shows and in showing movie trailers to all interested movie goers. They are able to post their television shows and movie schedules online and post the latest updates of the trailers that would promote certain shows and movies.

With the use of online marketing, advertising industry had a very big change when it comes to reaching out to people. This kind of marketing shows that the potential customers and supporters of services, products, auctions, candidacy and shows are not limited. Companies, candidates and producers are sure that they would reach many people with the use of online advertisements and promotion. There would definitely have a high chance that they will have an increase in their sales and would have an increase in the traffic to their company’s website. The change done by online marketing didn’t cause any harm in the advertising industry, but it caused a great relief in making promotion and advertisements reachable for all people.


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