God’s give to you is talent, what you do with that talent is your gift back to God.

I have always loved to just sit down and start drawing. With no goal or idea where I would end up I would just simply put my pen to the paper and start to draw. I would draw, not sketch, all of my lines were always firm and with a purpose. Although I didn’t know where the pen would take me the lines still had a purpose. It was as if they were leading me to some design and I was just holding on for the ride. I always drew with a pen as well. I didn’t like the idea of using a pencil. It just never really felt the same. It etched in the fact that there were no mistakes and that I had to keep going forward with no chance of correction.

As I grew older I found new mediums and ways to create. In highschool computers and computer animation were in their infant stages. Raw pixels and hard lines attracted my attention. I found that drawing on a computer was simular to drawing with a pen. I loved using a mouse to draw. I found myself enrolled in 4 hrs or independant study my Junior and Senior year in highshool. With the technology being so new, I basically was left to just oversee myself in learning all the latest software and ways to animate and draw on a computer. Back then there were really no “best practices” or tutorials to read I pretty much had to play, and play, and… play. It was fun. I was blessed to attend a school in Estes Park, Colorado that had one of the first million dollar computer labs donated from Apple. Using programs like Macromedia Director I came up with things that attracted attention from Sr. Executives from Apple who visited our school to see with their own eyes what this young 16 yr old Black kid with no training was coming up with.

After highschool I was offered scholarships to the Colorado, San Fran, and Philidelphia In. of Art. yet I chose a new path and joined the United States Navy to enlist in their Dive Fare S.E.A.L program. Though this was a totally different way to express myself I felt it a great outlet in learning about me and how much I could challenge myself. 6 years later I found myself done with my contract and focuses yet again on art and computers. I left the Navy and moved close to family in Amarillo, Tx.

I have again devoted myself to creating amazing projects and works of art. My new medium is 3D design and Web Design.

Web Design is like having 200 canvases that you get to work with at the same time with multiple pens. I get to flow from one page to another and watch the lines blend and work together. Like other mediums it takes an artist to truely understand all the things that are done under the top layer to make the surface your viewing look so appealing. I love the fact that I can make a wonderful site that is clean, clutter free, and user friendly. There is nothing more satisfying to know that people use my projects for their day to day business and that the end result is more then just something to look at.

I plan to always stay ahead of the curve. To push the limits of what browsers and technology can handle. To make designs that are timeless and well received. I would love to earn your business and be your artist.


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