The Human Mind is such an amazing thing. It can do almost anything. Look at all the things that have been created the things that have been destroyed all in part a result of the human mind.

The mind has the ability to choose between right and wrong not that we always listen to it. It can solve complicated mathematical problems. It can do mysterious things that we have yet to learn to do like move things and some people’s minds can even tell the future. The Mind’s power of memory is astonishing, the way it can keep track of everything from your phone number to a childhood memory. I can just close my eyes and be brought back to any moment in time that I wish whether it be fact or fiction. The Mind can also be very good at blocking things out too. Not that it really matters seeing that you can’t remember it anyway.

Last year I had a great opportunity, seeing that I was not working and had a ton of free time on my hands, to explore and figure out just how powerful the Mind actually is. I was lying in my bed listening to coast to coast am. The guest that night was Sylvia Brown. She was talking about astral projection (the ability to leave ones body and travel freely) I had heard about this before but never really had tried to do it. Mostly because of the fact that I had no clue what to even do. I was very interested in learning how to leave my own body just to see what it would be like and if it was even possible. So I went out in search of something to teach me how to do it. I came across some audiotapes on astral projection. The tapes clamed, that if you practiced everyday you would be able to leave your body within ten days. So seeing I had so much time on my hands I figured why not.

So I tried and I tried every night before I went to bed. It seemed to be doing something I would get into really deep states of meditation and usually just end up falling asleep. One night while doing it I swear I did it for about ten seconds. I opened up my eyes and I could see myself lying on my bed I got so panicked, my heart starting beating faster then it has ever beat in my life and boom I was back in my body.

I am half a skeptic and half curious and will try anything at least once I am not sure if I was just in a dream state and was tricked by my mind into believing that I was actually seeing my body or if in fact I really was. Either way it was amazing to say the least.

So even if you are a skeptic explore the power of your mind. Try to bend a spoon, Learn to leave your body, meditate it is great for relieving stress. Just learn all that there is to learn. Develop your mind in anyway you can. The possibilities are endless.


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