Sunrocket, a Voice Over Internet provider (VoIP), closed its doors on Monday leaving more than 200,000 subscribers without phone service. Customers were shocked as calls were dropped and services cut without notice. Sunrocket executives have remained silent and have not returned calls made by various news outlets, but rumors are buzzing as to exactly what happened.
Various forums around the internet are filled with angry Sunrocket customers who were kept in the dark about the fact that the company was closing. On Friday, Sunrocket employees began to post in various internet groups that they were laid off and that the company was being purchased. Those lucky enough to avoid a pink slip had their hopes of remaining employed dashed when Sunrocket literally pulled the plug as they worked on Monday., a leading broadband news and review site, has hundreds of comments posted by angry and confused Sunrocket customers. Many are suggesting alternate providers, but that does little to ease the concerns of those in need of a phone line now. Most of the customers have pre-paid their bill for up to one year, which leaves them wondering if there is any chance for a refund.
At another website,, members are also sharing concerns and suggestions. One poster mentioned that he will be celebrating his engagement over the weekend and that all of the invitations listed his Sunrocket phone number for guests to RSVP. Another member posted a memo from someone claiming to be a Sunrocket executive confirming suspicions that Sunrocket was dead. It also said that Sherwood Partners, in Palo Alto, California, would handle the final closing details and that a deal for another company to buy Sunrocket fell through.
Aside from the money, the main concern of Sunrocket customers is “porting,” or transferring, their phone number to another provider. Many consumers handed over their “land line” numbers to VoIP services, like Sunrocket, to save money on their phone bills. Some of these customers have had their phone numbers for 20 years or more and may now lose them. The window for porting numbers from Sunrocket to another provider is closing quickly. It can take up to 20 days to transfer a number, adding to the frustration for Sunrocket users.
Those who relied on Sunrocket as their only phone line are now without the ability to access 9-1-1 emergency services. One poster at made note of a Sunrocket customer service representative’s concern for an elderly woman who had just signed up to use the service.
An article by Matt Richtel of The New York Times on July 17, 2007, states that Sunrocket is moving its customers to “one or more other companies.” Reports from customers are that the “voice light” on their Sunrocket Gizmo routers have been blinking on and off throughout the day and night. So far, few, if any, have had their service restored.
Customers are finding it difficult to get the facts. The Sunrocket customer service line plays a message saying that they are no longer taking calls. The website is sporadic, yet when it does come up, the ad for $199 for one year of service with a second year free still shows on the main page. Some are able to log into their Sunrocket accounts, and others are not. Most do not hold out hope that any type of legal action will help them at this time. For now, Sunrocket customers are on hold.


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