You are the person who regularly stores documents, photos, etc. on your phone. And the longer it takes, the “storage” gets too much. Your Oppo phone is full of memory, and you won’t be able to save anything else.

How to free memory, increase the amount of storage? Don’t worry, and we have found a solution for you.

The cause of full memory in Oppo

You probably did not know that. The memory structure of the phone is divided into two storage partitions: One is used to store personal data, the phone and the other is used to store phone system data.

Besides, the applications that you download by default will be installed on the system memory. Therefore, if the system memory partition is full, even if the phone memory partition has a lot of free space, you cannot download and install any other applications or games.

How to fix Oppo phone memory error

To fix the problem of full memory errors, the easiest way you need to do is to move some or all of the installed applications on the system memory to a more reasonable location. For example, move them to a memory card for storage.

Method 1:

Move those installed apps to an SD card, to do this, follow these steps:

First, you go to Settings> Settings, then select on the “Size”, here you will see the amount of memory used.

Next, go to the “Default installation location” section then uncheck the “System storage” option and switch to the “SD card storage” option.

Method 2

This way, you can move each app to a new location. To do this, follow the steps below:

First, go to the list of installed applications under the link Settings> General> Applications.

Next, select an application and the system will show you full information about the current form.

If you notice that there is a button for “transfer to phone” or “move to SD memory card” in the application information panel, it means that the application is being stored on the memory card and vice versa.

Now, press the “Switch to phone” button if the SD memory card of your phone is full. Similarly, click “Switch to memory” if the phone memory is full.

If your operation is successful, the system will notice a message like an image below (the area is highlighted in red).

Method 3:

This way, you need to download and install the application “Apps2SD” provided by third parties. You can find and download this application on the CH Play store.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app successfully on your phone, open it. On the main interface of the application, you will notice the entire list of applications has been sorted in size in descending order.

Next, you need to click on the green right button to the right of the application you want to transfer. The app will show you the choice of areas to save the form at your disposal.

Above are a few quick fixes for the problem when the Oppo phone is full of memory at home. Hopefully, our sharing will bring you many exciting experiences with your phone.


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