After receiving his much-awaited and expected graduation one may ask whether it is appropriate or not to attend a post-graduate masters. In this tutorial we will explain what needs to be carefully assessed before enrolling in a master’s degree. ‘s important, in fact, choose on the basis of the prerogatives and, especially, according to what really has not in the meantime, but after.

Let’s start by explaining what it is quickly. The master is a post – university by more specific and sectoral focuses on training the student so that from mere student, you become a manager in all respects with a specialization in a field accurately determined. This requires considerable effort in the study as well as an economic investment often fairly costly. From here, therefore, part of the very first point that will determine whether it is worth it or not, attend the Master in particular. should pretty much tell if spending for the course and the training offer of the same match, or not.

Be careful then to see if it really an accredited Master and expensive both in terms of result really the best in terms of quality. And it is precisely on the quality of the Master who leads the choice: to evaluate, for example, the entrance test , the teaching staff, the hours, the internship and the final certification . Tests are fundamental input and give a first idea of how it will be conducted the entire course of the Master because greater is Skimming the participants according to their qualifications is more turns out to be serious and determined the final qualification . Same goes for teachers. Once obtained their list (it is right), conduct some research on their experiences, curriculum and publications. If you do not come only from the university but from a working world, their teachings will not remain only theoretical but also embrace the material sphere given by experience.

Regarding the total hours of the Master, these should never be less than 800, or limit 600. It is important that there are continuous lessons, group work and exercises in less time and this would be virtually impossible. Ditto is the time devoted to the Stage. In answering is crucial to get all kinds of information, especially on the amount of places now available for the internship thus preventing a slice of participants in the Master from being cut off. Finally, the main evaluation which also determines the cost / result, it is by the certification authority issuing the final Master. Such courses are monitored by law and protect the students who participate. Make sure, therefore, that it is a Master recognized by the Ministry of Education and, in the case of non-university Master, which are issued quality certificates from ASFOR (Italian Association for Management Education).


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