Now that companies realize how effective and important search engine optimization is to their online marketing efforts, they want to optimize; NOW. Unfortunately, the search engine optimization world doesn’t work that way, and if you do find a company that guarantees you overnight results, you could actually be harming your efforts and setting your website back in the rankings.

There are quite a few reasons why SEO takes much longer than a pay-per-click or even social media campaign. These are actually two of the biggest reasons why companies have given up on an effective SEO campaign; because they’ve either been scammed or swindled by a company that promises quick results for a low cost, or they have worked with a legitimate SEO company that didn’t produce immediate results.

Implementation – Your company can research hundreds of SEO companies, talk strategies and compare prices for months before even beginning your search engine optimization efforts. While we do recommend finding a quality SEO company, all the analysis and preparing won’t get you the results that an implemented campaign will, so it’s important to know what you want and to get going as soon as possible. The best part about hiring an SEO Austin Company is that they can help you analyze your website’s efforts as you go, and can make recommendations and adjustments along the way.

Competition – Search Engine Optimization has become a very competitive field, since a top ranking page can increase a company’s traffic and visibility. A site in the top ranking position usually receives 40% or more for a keyword’s given traffic volume! Even brick and mortar businesses. Understand that getting traffic in the door is the first step to making sales, and this is no different in the online world. Since the majority of your efforts will go towards optimization specific keywords and key phrases, you’re bound to have some competition. Sometimes your competition is years ahead of you in their SEO efforts, but that shouldn’t discourage you. An aggressive SEO campaign can start to see page movement in the first three to six months, and if your competitors have decided to slow down on their campaigns, you can easily catch up in as little as a year.

Steady Progression – Any effective strategy will take time and results will not happen overnight. They shouldn’t happen overnight either. Link building, increasing traffic, and building the reputation of the domain takes time. Google and other major search engines do not want to see that your site has gone from 10 to 1,000 links in one day. This isn’t natural and it is a clear sign that links have been bought, and we all know what happens when you pay for links. It can also take a few months to bounce back from a penalization by Google if a previous strategy wasn’t implemented correctly or if you suffered from one of the many algorithm updates. While some keywords can rank fairly quickly (30 days or less), others are highly competitive and given your current position, budget, and other factors it can take a month or longer to be ranking in the #1 position.

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