Are you new to internet marketing or have you just not had much success? There is a way to get yourself started for free that I am about to introduce to you and it will help you build yourself up a budget to work with every month when it comes to other strategies of internet marketing that are not free. Content is king on the internet and I am sure that is not the first time you have heard that. So, let’s create some content and turn it into an income.
First, you need to learn how to write articles. There are plenty of free guides out there that will help you learn exactly how to write an article for marketing purposes and for a blog or just for content. This is something you just need to do because it will be the basis of the marketing you will be using for this free strategy. There is no better type of free marketing than using article marketing and the more you do it the better you will get. I used to take almost a half hour to write one 400 word article and now I can whip out at least 5 an hour if not more.
Second, you need to open a free blog. There are plenty of places that will allow you to do this, but my recommendation is They will allow you to use Google Adsense ads that pay you and they give you some flexibility with where you place them. This is going to be the website you use to make money and to get your free account with Google Adsense. Put up one good long post of about 400 words or more and maybe a picture or two. Make it look like a website.
Third, sign up for free with Google Adsense and learn how things work there. This is the most important step because it is how you will make money from your blog. You need to sign up for free and poke around for a while so you will be used to how things work and how to run your reports. This is important because you need to know where your money is coming from and how much is coming from there.
Fourth, place the Adsense ads on your blog. I prefer to use the feature that allows me to place them after each post and, then I like to put a set of ads down the left hand side as well. This works the best for me on most of my blogs. Now there is only one step left to do and it is very important.
Last, post to your blog daily for 14 days, then about 3 times a week from there on out. This will keep your content fresh. You can also do things like create articles and submit them to free article directories with a link back to your blogs, ping your blogs, and create RSS feeds to submit to RSS feed aggregators. You could also do some social book marking. Anything that will help your blog get more traffic at this point is good.
Now you have a road map to get you started with Google Adsense and once you have a few hundred dollars coming in each month you can use that to start funding paid advertising strategies for other parts of internet marketing.


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